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· Alphabet Project ·

“Alphabet is a bold attempt to challenge the conventions of visual language that transcends the boundaries of conventional lettering. Each geometric signature is a unit of meaning in its own right, combining with others to form words, phrases and complex visual narratives, in which I invite the viewer to find their own meaning in each composition, fostering a unique and personal experience.

Although the forms and arrangements are abstract, we seek to connect with universal themes that resonate with people of diverse cultures and experiences.

“Alphabet” is more than just a collection of conceptual art; it is a journey into the unknown, a challenge to our perceptions and an invitation to explore new forms of visual communication.

“Alphabet” represents our ongoing search for expression and meaning. It is a celebration of human creativity and the ability to transcend the limits imposed by conventional language.

In short, “Alphabet” is the language of conceptual art.