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· NetBull Project ·

“NetBull” is made up of bulls and cities, which evoke a unique fusion of cultural elements and symbolism. The colour palette and geometric motifs of this collection transfers vitality, dynamism and Purpose.

The collection invites us to reflect on the relationship between the identity of a city and personal development and the connection we establish with the places we inhabit. Each of us would be a different person if we lived in a different place than we do now.

Full-bodied bulls represent the collective of urban growth, while the heads of symbolize the power of individual decision-making that determine our personality.

In this collection, we can identify multiple layers of significance:

  • First of all, the bulls, have been an icon of strength and vitality in different cultures, symbolizing life and the energy of the cities represented.
  • Colours are a visual representation of the cultural and emotional diversity that is found in each place, reflecting the richness and complexity of life urban.
  • The names of the cities add a dimension geography and culture, building a bridge between the local and the global.

“NetBull” is a testament to the human potential for express conceptual ideas through technology digital, exploring the interconnection between the human and the urban.